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Expanding Oblivion

by Pestifer

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The Remedy 06:10
Blaze is lighting the end while horizon is flattening Giants died for the deadly rise An aqueous mouth is swallowing time and dust Biting the sky and blowing life away Facing the open eye Waiting for hope to lie… to blind Disappear Unseen creatures increase the threat Neglecting all but weaknesses Provoking chaos Something came Hiding the sun A peaceful levitation Facing the decease So captivating It's time for the proposal Resonating as echoes inside all souls Too late to save all flesh Leave it all Join the absolute Abandoning bodies Enclosing minds A spectral existence for the lucid ones So, it's time Forsaking ground to recover The remedy Watching thunder blasting matter The dying must divide Ignoring call of abstract tentacles The dying must divide The ground of loss The network of knowledge The dying must divide The land of waste The legion of saviours The dying must divide A raven's flying over desolation The dying must divide While ghosts are living forever Vanishing remains of human existence The dying must divide While ghosts are living forever Sorting is done While ghosts are living forever THE REMEDY
Journeys of light pierce the dark veil Crossing for eons To feed emptiness and dictate codes of existence Within the land of randomness, we stare at the sky with dread Haunted by three flying wanderers, we praise them not to meet Masses fight with gravity to impact level of chaos Sudden! It’s so sudden Embers are about to freeze Sudden! It’s so sudden Chaos reborn We observe the grand bright body growth In fear of the extinction curse The fatal reunion of suns Witnessed by newborn moon There is no will to survive here We searched We learnt We failed We desert light to fill the dark We forsake matter to merge with universe
Space is an immense playground We wander as ravenous being In quest of infinite knowledge We draft the atlas of the universe No more rotation Nothing swarms inside We voyaged to eight floating graves Escaped from gravity Nomads with no aim Space is ceaselessly whispering We receive millions of deep laments As whale dying alone in oceans But time leads them to silence No more colours Nothing burns inside We can't collect much more than evidences Untimely end Voiceless spheres We are space coroners Lifeless place Condemned and muted We are space coroners Silent spheres will cry no more
Disembodied 01:32
A distant call Signaling luminous minds A bellicose reign where conscience corrodes itself Invasive detection served by sentinels Hunger on its way Colossal shape in motion Black craft Server of the whole Black craft Asylum of souls Open vortex Releasing the starving machine over destructive supremacy Proceeding the swallow Disembodying to capture each soul Rejoin the core and merge into the ghosts Endlessly, you will flow Passively, you will glow Neglect the flesh and hail the mighty wholeness Reborn into wisdom Through osmosis, you will know Massive shape eats dominion to feed itself Black craft Useless bodies forever gone In the kingdom of flesh, awareness expired for species living higher
We started with direct connections Three steps in the dark Fractal path of cognition retraces galaxies to stare at cosmos One by one, we spread, we open gates, we share In distant times, we generate At nanoscale, we mate We evolve with complex connections Many eyes in the dark Sentinels of cognition retracing galaxies to stare at cosmos Developed as web Designed to spy We turn everything to bait Increased as net Expanded to scan We turn everything to bait Ingested dogmas Digested failure We turn everything to bait We tend to absolute connection Infinite eyes in the dark Passing beyond gateways of knowledge Reproduce galaxies and devour cosmos We’re the oculus The portal of seeds So obvious We never forget Palpable life Absorbed and gathered in silence We never forget Death is living through emptiness We never forget Surrounded by echoes of obviousness We never forget Retrace and stare Observe in silence
Grey Hosts 04:52
There is a second sun carried by its light Crossing path with curiosity Shining through the eyes of the sightless disbeliever The skyline is getting blurred In the landscape of the Twins, hills no longer dominate Grey hosts are watching down The easy prey is glowing red Deafened by the tone of nothingness The canvas is almost blank Nightmare seems to be over but time has stopped for hours I’m seeing now lugubrious silhouettes Puppets from beyond Shapeless faces I’m observing the ground from above I’m lying on my back Enclosed by obsidian eyes I’m staring at odd figures Paralyzed I feel disabled I feel powerless I face obscurity Essence is now divided In the haven of eminence, we no longer dominate Grey hosts in raptures The easy prey is glowing red
Lone Entity 00:54
Omniscient 04:42
Awareness is swarming with trillion symbiotic souls in synergy Existing, conscious, being part of every view United All thoughts, all sorrow, all hatred, all phobias The more we increase, the more we cognize We act for the quest For fragments of completeness We are the grotesque, desolated aseptic planet We are unlimited The placid, magnificent, harmonious evolution We are the omniscient The hostile, malevolent, invasive primacy We allied all things Praise imperium Contradiction is dead forever Matter doesn’t matter There is no denial With certitude, we reached the bright magnitude We are now… I am now the ultimate existence I can see the failure through accomplishment The point I reached No return The travel ends The process reverts to oblivion
Beyond the stars, I exceed the speed of light The weight of wisdom Such heaviness into the void Deterioration Sentinels are going blind Disintegration Isolating the core Eradicate the perfect existence all alone Dispossess yourself Replace the truth with nothing Escape the mesh, hopelessly Suffocate into the hosts Hunger so deep I ignore fatality The symbol of fate Such appetite for completeness Annihilation Dissolved memories The anamnestic ignorance I rise to the fall I am nothing I never existed In torment, I erase conscious universe I am nothing I never existed Peacefully, there is nothing left The dusk of mind lights the dawn of renewal The serpent ate its tail at the edge of expansion


released March 13, 2020

• All music and lyrics by PESTIFER
• Recorded and mixed by Laurent EYEN and Thibault SCHOUTERS
• Mastered by Victor BULLOK at WOODSHED STUDIO
• Produced by PESTIFER
• Artwork by David CARYN
• Executive producer: Nicolas WILLIART for XENOKORP
• Reproduced with kind permission of ALIEN FORCES publishing


all rights reserved



Pestifer Liège, Belgium

Death metal from Belgium since 2004
Label: Debemur Morti Productions


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